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Automotive: Key Bay Locksmith is San Jose’s preferred locksmith offering a dynamic suite of 24/7 services for all of your vehicle needs. Our highly trained technicians are available at just a phone call away to come and solve any and all of your automotive locksmith needs.

Our specialized tools to open doors with zero damage are guaranteed on even the highest security and luxury vehicles. No matter the day and no matter the time, if you find yourself locked out of your car contact 24/7 Locksmith and we will quickly be there to fix your problems with ease and affordability.

Car Locksmith Ignition Repair
Car Locksmith Key Duplication

Our Car Locksmith Services In San Jose

Car Door Unlock

With just one call, our car door unlock team can be dispatched to your location to help you get back into your vehicle. These skilled technicians use specialized tools to unlock car doors without damaging the vehicle

Car Key Replacement

If you have lost your car keys, our professional team of locksmiths have the tools and experience to make you a new key at a lower cost than the dealership. Give us a call and we will come to you and replace your car key.

Car Key Duplication

Professional locksmiths have the proper equipment and experience necessary to create an exact duplicate that will work with your car. You will need to provide an existing car key in order for our team to create a duplicate.

Ignition Repair

That's right! Our auto locksmiths will be able to diagnose and fix any problems with the ignition, as well as replace any necessary parts, such as tumblers or wafers. The best part is, we come to you.

Ignition Replacement

Yes! We have auto locksmiths who specialize in car ignition replacement. If you know that your ignition needs to be replaced you don't have to tow your car to the dealership. We come to you!

Lock Replacement

If one or more of your car door locks have become damaged or non-functional, our team of qualified and trained auto locksmiths can replace the lock(s) without damaging yoru vehicle.

24/7 Emergency Service

San Jose's Premier Locksmith

We understand the frustration of being locked out. Key Bay Locksmith, Inc.’s highly qualified technicians are standing by to serve you in the San Jose, and the surrounding cities and counties.

Car Locksmith FAQs

Car door unlocking services are usually provided by professional locksmiths who specialize in unlocking locked cars. These services can be used to open the car door if the key is lost or misplaced, if it is in the lock, if the remote control fails, or if the electronic security system fails. 

Our locksmiths use specialized tools to bypass the car’s security. This may involve picking or decoding the lock, or accessing an electronic security system. Our auto locksmiths can do this without comprimising your car’s security system.

Using our car locksmiths for car door unlock services can save you time and money. By using our experienced locksmiths, you are ensuring your vehicle is in safe hands while the problem is resolved quickly and safely using the right tools for the job.

A car key replacement service is a service that offers the replacement of lost, stolen or broken keys. This may involve creating a duplicate key from an existing one (or possibly using a lock-picking tool) or reprogramming electronic security systems to accept new keys.

Using a car key replacement service can save you time and money by avoiding the need to replace and entire lock or security system.

The cost of having a car key duplicated depends on the type of vehicle, how complex the security system is and whether or not you need a new fob. It’s best to call our team of auto locksmiths to get an accurate price.

The time it takes to get a car key duplicated depends on the complexity of the security system and the type of vehicle you have. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. To get an accurate time estimate you should contact our team.

When looking for a qualified locksmith to perform an ignition repair, it is important to do your research. Ask the right questions and don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous clients. We have been repairing car ignitions for many years. Call us today.

Faulty fob keys, stuck or broken keys in the ignition, jammed ignitions, electrical system malfunctions and security system malfunctions are all problems that we can solve by repairing your ignition.

Difficulty turning the key in the ignition, a stuck or broken key in the ignition, a malfunctioning electronic security system, and/or keys that will not work correctly are all signs you may need a new ignition. Contact us and we will help.

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